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The body aspect is equally as important as the mind. The body stores our emotions and houses something most of us need a deeper connection to— our intuition. Insight from the mind plus intuition from the body is how a person lives from their most authentic self on a daily basis.

Your existence makes up so much more than just your thoughts or rote behaviours, so your therapy should as well. The mind is the traditional aspect of psychotherapy, where you come in and share your stories. Here, we will take what the mind has to offer- its insight. As we discover your insight, or a “why” behind certain problems, what we notice first and foremost is a symptom reduction.

Healing is not one dimensional, which is exactly why Revive integrates the mind, body and spirit when it comes to healing.

Spirit may have you thinking spirituality, but that’s not at all a requirement to thrive at Revive. The spirit aspect is enhancing our mindfulness so we can anchor in to times when we are thriving in both our mind and body. This is the act of bringing consciousness to meet ourselves where we are, and to assess from a conscious perspective where we should go.

Psychedelic Psychotherapy for your breakthrough

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Supporting you in the 'Creative Paradox'

Space to process big emotions and big decisions

Not knowing, on a deep level, who we are creates numerous places of tension: indecisiveness, burn-out, rocky relationships, or asking yourself, “Is this really all there is?”. Our self-esteem therapists get what it’s like to be confused by who we’re “supposed” to be. Explore with us as we dive into the narrative of the mind, find places of calm and peace within the body, and learn who you are meant to be. We are ready to help you embrace who you really are. Our therapy practice located in Austin, TX has specialized therapists who are able to help for experiences such as: 

  • Going with the status quo, but not feeling fulfilled
  • Being who you are “supposed” to be
  • Grief or loss of something that was central to your identity
  • Asking  yourself “is this really all there is to life?”
  • Comparing yourself to others who are confident, and feeling so far from that
  • Burnt out
  • Envy of other’s sense of ease with life and choices
  • Indecisiveness
  • Friends and family tell you of your potential, but you have no idea what to put it towards or how to use it
  • Disillusionment with something you previously loved

Self Discovery

On the outside, the creative’s paradox can be present in different ways. Perhaps you are connected to the pain of feeling rejected. So to others, your actions may come across as insecure. You may get labeled as “dramatic” or “emotional.” These labels cause even further pain and exacerbate the issue of being seen as too sensitive. And you may have perfectionistic and competitive tendencies that lead to feelings of anxiety or depression. This may look like thoughts and feelings like “If I can hone in on my creative abilities and succeed enough to be recognized, then maybe I will feel better about myself.”

Juggling all of these conflictual feelings and inputs can certainly be cause for needing some extra support. At our Austin, TX-based therapy practice, we help artists and creatives struggling with:

  • Feeling creatively dulled 
  • All-consuming emotions that you can’t turn off
  • Tendency to go inward to reflect on your feelings for a significant portion of the day
  • Being labeled by others as sensitive or dramatic 
  • A love-hate relationship with your creative and emotional side - it’s fundamental to you, but it causes a lot of suffering
  • Feelings of insecurity

Creatives + Artists

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is for people who have tried numerous ways to overcome their emotional illness and have had limited results. This is for the person who oscillates between wanting to destroy themselves and wanting to save themselves. When psychotherapy, bodywork, healthy diet, exercise, and anti-depressants have been applied to your life with varying degrees of success, you remain, chronically, unwell. This is a treatment for those who strive toward growth and healing but have been unsuccessful at achieving the sustainable peace you seek to find. As a therapist at Revive Psychotherapy, I am trained in the application of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. This is also for those who are curious about accessing different parts of themselves in a new way in order to have a different connection to self or a creative breakthrough. 

Proudly offering ketamine assisted psychotherapy in Austin, TX. 

Psychedelic Psychotherapy

A psychedelic experience from ketamine allows us to go beyond our regular thinking mind, and access areas of the subconscious to obtain greater healing. When we bypass our regular neural circuits, we are able to experience difficulties in different ways, and therefore, are able to think about our difficulties in different ways. This serves to develop a different relationship to the perceived problem we are experiencing. Psychedelic experiences on ketamine can also highlight areas of resourcefulness, perseverance, and hope.

Psychedelic Psychotherapy vs. Psycholytic Therapy Sessions

Psycholytic experiences while on ketamine are when you are still affected by the drug, but remain more connected to the present moment and present reality. It is less dissociative than a psychedelic experience. Similarly to a psychedelic experience, this allows you to perceive life from a different angle, which can either provide insight as to how to address the problem or can reveal healing insights. Ketamine helps to heal treatment-resistant depression and anxiety on a neuropsychobiological level. The psychedelic effects of ketamine allow you to safely explore emotions deeper with your therapist to get more out of your therapeutic experience.

Psycholytic Experiences

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Before ever taking the medicine in the office, we will have a preparatory session in order to orient you to the process. This will entail laying out the process, what you can expect while on the drug, what you can expect from me during the medicine session, what our integration processing sessions will include, and timelines. Here, we will also discuss your intentions for taking the medicine and what you hope to gain out of the experience. Once we both feel you are ready, we will move on to the next set of rotation sessions: medicine sessions and integration sessions. 

What Does a Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Session Look Like?


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